About Me

Here I am, pondering about writing an essay about myself. I'm very conscious about the words I choose because I'm very dithering about the usefulness of this essay to you.

So I decided go full blown ironic and write whatever comes to my mind without it needing to be useful to you.

I'm Ambitiously Focused on Creating

I love to make stuff. I want to make essays, books, websites, podcasts, companies, systems, apps, relationships, and especially new Ideas.

And this is the driving force for all the decisions I make in my life.

I also want to learn lots of stuff. I want to stretch, strive and grow. I easily connect with people who think the same.

I love solving problems

I'm obsessed with thinking deeply about problems. I get a very tangible euphoria from thinking deeply about a problem and solving it.

This obsession has made me very good at looking at things logically and clearly. I like to think from first principles. And I can usually detect bullshit when I see one. Even in me.

I enjoy Self Reflection

I'm very much into stoicism. And more importantly I love to reflect on Akash. It allows me to think clearly, improve myself, and detect my own bullshits.

I make observations about me, use that as a data about me and how I work, and then utilize it to construct a strategy about how to deal with those truths.

It's like debugging, however I'm the detective, victim and the murderer!

I'm an Experimentalist

I like to think of myself as an Experimentalist. I love to experiment with different approaches to thinking and living.

I've learnt that the brain is remarkably responsive to experience. If I ask it to exercise every day, it gets better at exercising. If If I ask it to worry, it gets better at worrying. If I ask it to concentrate, it gets better at concentrating. Not only does it find these things easier, but it actually remodels itself based on what I ask it to do.

I'm naive

  • 18 Me: 16 me was so naive. I’m wiser.
  • 20 Me: 18 me was so naive lol. I’m wiser.
  • 22 Me: 20 me was so naive lol. I’m wiser
  • 23 Me: 22 me was so naive.... wait. I’m still naive!

It’s so easier to think that we were in the dark yesterday but we are in the light today One thing I’m learning is to learn that I don’t know.

I like to live in Present

The present moment, no matter how painful, is never unbearable. What is unbearable is what I think is going to happen in five hours or in five days. This ability to see into the future is a double edged sword. So I try not to be anxious about tomorrow, tomorrow will look after itself!

More importantly, If I respond to “what ifs” I'll get in trouble. So I need to wait some time, let it settle, and then listen very carefully to myself.

I love startups

Startups represent a weird mix of all things I love in life. Be it solving complex problems or dealing with lots of things at once, people, finances, systems, etc and a bag of all sorts of wacky things. I love it!

And you don’t start companies to get rich. You start them for reasons you don’t fully understand, and like a runner at the 30th km, often question why you subjected yourself to such euphoric misery that is a startup.

I love helping people

Whatever I want in life, I’ve found that the best way to get it is to focus my energy on giving to others. If I want to boost my confidence, I look for ways to help someone else feel more confident. If I want to feel more hopeful, positive, and inspired, I try to infuse that in someone else’s day. If I want more success for myself, the fastest way to get it is to go about helping someone else obtain it.

I like to do what I love

  • The money may follow and please me.
  • The money may follow but pleases me less than I expected.
  • The money may follow but pleases me briefly.
  • The money might not follow, which might disappoint me.
  • But if I'm doing what I love, I will have loved what I've been doing. That will satisfy me so deeply that the result must either be called success or recognized as something even more enriching.

I'm learning to embrace failure

Growing up, I had always been told that I'm a smart kid. So I'd developed this identity that I’m a smart kid. And I would do things that would reinforce that identity, and stay away from things that would contrast that identity.

It made it really hard for me to do anything where other people could see how incompetent I am. So I would run away from all sort of experiences that would make me feel kinda silly or incompetent. And that actually paralyzed me because for most things in life, you’ll suck in the beginning.

Eventually, I learned that the world actually rewards experience and competence. So, I am learning to reframe my thinking from smart / stupid to experienced / inexperienced. And the More I can realise that my success has nothing to do with intelligence, rather with the experience / inexperience and the degree of competence I have, the better off I’m going to be. The more I realise that, the more naturally I’d want to try things and be okay failing at those things.

I don't take myself so seriously

I believe happiness is really a default state. Happiness is there when you remove the sense of something missing in your life.


  • I single-task concurrently. I like to focus on one thing for a contiguous block of time. And then context switch to other. But always one task at a time.
  • I care deeply about very little. I do everything as if it were the only thing in the world that mattered, while all the time knowing that it doesn’t matter at all.

Questions? Thoughts?

Just email me.